Welfare Traffic to Dominica/Puerto Rico

The following update has been received from Jeff 9Y4J via Cesar Pio Santos HR2P the IARU Region 2 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator concerning the relief efforts in Dominica, with specific reference to Telecommunications.

„1. An emergency operating centre was activated using the call sign J73EOC, with batteries and a generator installed

2. The NEOC is being manned by radio amateurs, some of whom arrived from neighbouring countries.

3. Limited mobile service is available in the capital of Roseau with free SMS messaging and WiFi being provided

4. Troops from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, The UK, and France have arrived and are bringing some order back to the country after widespread looting.

5 The USA have started activating their citizens

6 The CEWN (Caribbean Emergency and Weather net) webmaster, Franz/J69DS has established a link from his server to the EOC in Roseau in order to pass on the more than 2,000 messages on hand.

7 The CEWN continues to maintain a watch on 7188 kHz and 3815 kHz daily.

8 Major infrastructural damage was done, thus limiting access to many areas on the island.”

Clear frequencies for the CEWN would be appreciated.

Meanwhile in Puerto Rico, radio amateurs have been operating brisk and busy ad hoc health-and-welfare traffic nets on 7.175 and 14.270 MHz. Only outgoing messages are being handled at the moment with incoming enquiries being directed to the American Red Cross 'safe and well’ web pages. 2m is in heavy use supporting the restoration of utilities and law enforcement. Again clear frequencies for those listed and the Salvation Army SATERN net on 14.265MHz would be appreciated.

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